AfterWERK meets Munich Startup

Last week was an exciting one here at Wahtari!

After yet another eventful week, we were invited to present our solutions and products at the monthly “Inkubator Workshop” at Werk 1 near Munich East on Thursday. Here, like-minded people as well as interested gather once a month to learn about some Munich’s most exciting startup-stories – and in some cases to enjoy a cold drink and tasty finger food.

While outsides temperatures allowed you to fry eggs on the sidewalk, our very own Sebastian Borchers eloquently delivered what we have built, nurtured and forged to perfection over the last two years. It was a presentation that was built to last, and just like our cameras, he braved the heat and kept cool.

We were happy to share our work and do some networking with you guys! At this point we would like to thank Werk 1 Café for making this possible and for sharing their very scrumptious food and drinks!

If you are interested in our products or simply want to learn more about us, feel free to shoot us a text.

Published on 2019-07-25