nLine Cable Inspection

Wahtari’s nLine cable inspection solutions can analyse a wide variety of product and quality characteristics in individual inspection (test bench) or Inline during ongoing production. Deviations are signaled and documented.

The systems are available in different versions and can be adapted to a wide range of requirements. The analysis & evaluation is performed on-the-edge, without connection to a cloud, for highest performance, lowest latencies and best data security.

The commissioning does not require any technical knowledge. Product features are simply trained according to the “Teach & Go” principle by using a master sample.

nLine 360-Ti3 (PDF | 1,64MB)


360° Analysis
Complete detection of the cable surface

Teach & Go
Few minutes to teach-in the product features according to a master sample

Vibration- insensitive
Vibrations of the floor or the cable are no problem
High performance
Up to 1500m/min cable speed
Adaptable LED lighting
Adjustable to many cable types
All data at a glance
360° Analysis
Complete detection of the cable surface

Teach & Go
Few minutes to teach-in the product features according to a master sample

Vibration- insensitive
E.g vibrations on the floor or on the cable 
High performance
Up to 1500m/min cable speed
Adaptable LED lighting
Adjustable to many cable types
All data at a glance

White Paper

Inline quality control solution using AI for 360 degree surface inspection of
tube-shaped products on the edge with just gold samples, significantly im-
proving output quality, reducing scrap and saving costs.

Wahtari nLine Quality Control On-The-Edge

Powered by Intel® MovidiusTM MyriadTM X (Myriad X), Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors (Xeon) and
Intel® Distribution of OpenVINOTM Toolkit (OpenVINO).

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Areas of application

Artificial intelligence as the heart for automatic defect recognition in the cable production

Surface examination

Breaks, cracks, cuts,
holes, dents, pimples

Controlling colors

Monochrome, multicolored,
gradient, rotating

Detect inclusions

Foreign matter, air bubbles

Diameter control

Deviations in diameter

Check imprints

Markings, codes,
lettering, serial numbers

Technical Highlights

Low maintenance
No tools necessary System signals when cleaning is necessary
Non-contact measurement
No damage or influence on the product
Installation length
Max. 500mm incl. rack
Max. 250mm for fixed installation
Installation depth
Max. 500mm
Height adjustable
Cable passage height 800-1200mm
24 months manufacturer

10 years spare parts support
24/7 continuous operation
> 99.5% availability
Production spped
> 0-500m/min (all test types) up to 1500m/min (color analysis)
100% control
For highest quality requirements
Measuring range IP67 protected
Measurement of wet media / easy cleaning
Random rotating products
Insensitive to cable rotation
Recipes available remotely
Process reliable
Insensitive to water drops and dust particles on the cable surface
Error length
Larger 0,3mm
Product diameter
0,5mm – 25mm round, oval and flat

Functionality of the nLine cable inspection solution

The increasing demands on the already high quality standards, e.g. as demanded by the automobile industry, pose problems for error detection by means of conventional measuring and testing technology. In addition, requirements such as 100% control and traceability have to be fulfilled.

nLine 360-Ti3

The nLine 360 Inline cable inspection solution was developed specifically for the extrusion industry and enables the inspection of many different product features in a single compact device. Thereby it replaces the existing measuring and testing technology, which reduces investment and maintenance costs as well as integration efforts. Three high-speed cameras continuously monitor the complete cable surface over the entire cable length.

Teach & go within minutes

Easy-To-Use – Plug & Play-
Teach & Go

  • Process reliable error detection of surface defects
  • Easy handling and adaptation to new products

  • Incl. recipe management

  • German and English menu navigation

  • Commissioning and cable feeding do not require any additional equipment

  • Single operation / one-man operation

Supported error types / Test methods / Materials

  • Bubbles, pimples, dents, holes, stripes, scratches, specks, streaks, cracks

  • Color control, single-color / multicolor
  • Imprints, serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes

  • Surfaces: smooth, matt, shiny, rough

  • Insulation material: PU, PVC, ETFE, and many more

  • Product diameter: 0,5mm – 25mm

  • Defect size: greater than 0.3mm

Flexible and worldwide applicable

  • 110/220V, 50/60Hz Input voltage

  • Compact delivery on pallet

  • Soft- and Firmware Updates over the Air (online/remote)
  • Multilingual

System Components

3x Highspeed cameras
High performance computer system
LED lighting
Power & Ethernet cable


Easy integration also into existing system concepts

nLine can be integrated into existing system concepts. As a mobile version mounted on a height-adjustable rolling frame or as a compact, stationary version (fixed installation). The uncomplicated commissioning requires little technical know-how. Numerous interfaces and industry standards, such as OPC UA, allow easy integration into existing system concepts while ensuring minimal latencies. Signals, e.g. for the control of signal transmitters, can be directly output via an analog signal. This simplifies the programming of system controls and complex cabling.

Display options / Error output

A clearly visible light signal informs the employee about the current test and operating status.

  • Red, for faults, alarms and any errors

  • Yellow, device is ready but not active

  • Green, device is active and error-free, test is running

  • Dark, device is switched off

Operation and monitoring via touch screen.

Advantages of the nLine inspection systems

High precision
Clear identification even in difficult situations
Exteme performant
Recording and evaluation in real time
Easy adjustment
Problem-free training of new product features


Edge Computing
No connection to a data center thanks to onboard detection

Seamless integration
Easy integration into third-party applications via API
Relieve employees
More capacity for other tasks

nLine in your company


How to get your cable inspection solution:

1) Initialization meeting: Clarify the general conditions

2) Decide on a nLine standard product or we create your individual solution

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360° View

nLine 360-Ti3 (PDF | 1,64MB)