A sophisticated combination of customized hardware and JUNO, our fully automated AI platform, results in a unique high performance license plate recognition system.
Although best combined with our in-house developed smart camera system (SmartCam), JUNO can also be applied to other systems or even be used through the cloud. Wahtari’s ANPR is highly versatile and suitable for both, private and public sector applications.

Our standalone camera and software solution is characterized by its high accuracy and ultra-fast recongition (50-100ms). Thanks to deep learning, we were able to achieve one of the best license plate recognition rate on the market.

Our systems’ modularity allows us to realize customization requests and support new regions on a short notice. Due to substantial training in the Arab world, we already have outstanding expertise with Arabic character recognition (one of the thoughest applications for automated number plate recognition).

However, Juno is not limited to a specific country’s characters — in fact, it is designed to adapt to any type of character (whether it’s Mandarin or Khmer language).