Deep learning has become an indispensable tool for countless industries and applications rising high expectations regarding accuracy, redundancy, data and privacy protection, cost and time reductions and many more.

A rich ecosystem of tools and libraries extends Juno and supports development in computer vision. Scalable distributed training and performance optimization for research and production in the cloud and on premise.


Creating and managing your datasets for AI-training has never been easier.

Labrat is the cross-platform (Windows, Linux, macOS) UI application for Juno. It allows the easy and fast creation of datasets to train your AI models. Select and define in a user-friendly way what the AI should learn and start right away training your customized models.

The tool is equipped with an automatic and efficient completion strategy to improve and accelerate the labeling process. This means that an early version of your final AI model will already be used during the labeling process to draw the boxes automatically.

Labrat comes with a variety of convenient features:

  • a multi-step validation process that ensures the integrity and validity of your dataset
  • an error reporting system to indicate mistakes to labeler
  • user statistics and reports about the performance of the labeling process and the advancement on the dataset

Juno will minimize time and cost to deploy new applications, setting new industrial standards.


Don’t lose time figuring out how to maximimze the performance of your AI model.

Lab is Juno’s scalable and cloud-ready backend. It uses the datasets created by Labrat and automatically trains your AI-models, not once, but many times, with slightly different configurations and parameters to achieve maximum accuracy.

AI, while already an important part of many businesses today, is still in an early stage, where convenient toolchains are almost non-existent. This makes the setup, training and deployment a time consuming and resource intensive task and prevents you from focusing on the more important details. Lab solves these challenges for you and facilitates the development of AI immensely.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is already in widely use to read the license plates of cars. There are a variety of applications, such as traffic management, access control to secured facilities and toll stations, statistics about the origin of customers, and many more.

With the growth of the world wide population the number of cars has greatly increased recently as has the need for parking space. The efficient usage of urban space is becoming an important task. AI-based solutions for detecting free parking spots can be deployed anywhere and do not need to be specifically designed for each parking lot, making them versatile and cost-efficient.

Nowadays, public security plays an essential role. Airports, public places and transportation or government facilities are all security-critical. Let AI support the local forces. Convenient, secure and fast.

Turn existing CCTV installations into smart helpers, providing statistics and simplifying the management of crowds.

Smart intrusion detection systems to secure private property and important business infrastructure.

*The displayed images are illustrations about the functionality and power of Juno.