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Wahtari is a solution provider for computer vision, founded in July 2019. Our main focus lies in the area of Artificial Intelligence and end-to-end solutions, meaning that customers receive a complete package to solve their problem, including both soft- and hardware components. Paired with standard API interfaces, the solutions by Wahtari are as simple as it gets. In the relatively short time period since their founding, Wahtari has already successfully implemented a wide variety of different projects, ranging from collecting the bark to wood ratio of logs, detecting cracks, discolorations and deformations on roof tiles to the high-speed recognition of license plates.

We are enablers, empowering our partners to benefit from high-tech solutions of the future today. Start to actively participate in the digital era without putting your data and business at risk.

Therefore, we at Wahtari believe in simplicity. Solving a problem by focusing on its essence leads to comprehensible solutions, facilitating later adaptions and resilience instead of creating ever more complexity. In addition, we are convinced this approach is the best in order to make products as secure as possible, as security thrives in auditable environments.

The Challenge

Complexity is ubiquitous in modern and sophisticated IT systems. As a result, systems and infrastructure are frequently too complicated for humans to operate, too cumbersome to adapt to new requirements and too prone to errors. Unfortunately, all of these factors come at the expense of performance, reliability and security.

We develop future-proof technology combining the most advanced soft-and hardware to create unprecedented solutions for all kinds of applications. The right tools are key to build simple and efficient solutions. We solely use state-of-the art technology, such as the latest programming languages that render memory errors, the main source of up to 70% of security issues, impossible.

What we do


Uncomplicated & Fast

Our optimized and highly automated full stack AI pipeline enables us to implement AI systems with minimum time expenditure tailored for your application.

Perfectly adaptable AI modules allow us to implement AI solutions for almost any industry with a minimal time-to-market.

One partner for everything

An AI system only reaches the full potential of AI technology when software and hardware are perfectly matched.
With us you get it all from one hand.

Wahtari as AI Partner

We deliver ready-to-use AI systems that are customized to the conditions in your company. Our optimized pipeline enables us to realize projects for any budget.

We support you in taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the latest technological developments and setting yourself apart from your competitors.

About Wahtari

  • Experts for AI-based image recognition
  • Experience from many different industries Latest technologies

  • Hardware and software from one hand



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