Tire Inspection

AI based Embossing Control of Tires

Real time Tire Inspection with AI

The Wahtari’s nTire inspection solution is a fully automated, all-in-one package for the optical inspection of DOT/DOM codes on low-contrast products. Based on deep neural networks, the system checks parameters in real time during ongoing production. Analysis and evaluation is performed On-The-Edge, without connection to a cloud or internet connection. This enables the highest speeds, maximum data security and lowest latencies.
nTire is available in different version and can be adapted to your individual requirements.

Easy Integration into existing Concepts

With compatibility to industry standards such as OPC UA, ProfiNet, ProfiBus, Ethernet and more, the Wahtari tire inspection solution enables you to create your own integrated solutions and adapt them to existing systems.

Recognition of the DOT/DOM Code

independent of tire manufacturer

Advantages ot the nTire Solution

Seamless integration
easy integration into your system

Extreme performant
recording and evaluation in real time

Consistent quality inspection
thanks to consistently working system

Edge computing
no connection to date center due to onboard detection

Fast commissioning
Plug & Play

Made in Germany

Technical Highlights

AI “On-The-Edge” Technology

24/7 Continuous operation

Scanning from the top and bottom

no high industrial costs

Low maintenance

Industrial IO
OPCUA, ProfiNet, ProfiBus

nTire in Your Company


How to get your embossing control:

1) Initialization meeting: Clarify the general conditions

2) Decide on a nTire standard product or we create your individual solution