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Wahtari nCam – automatic qualty control simply explained

Well-tested, ready-to-use AI solutions facilitate and accelerate the entry into artificial intelligence.

Individual adaptations can be easily implemented. AI hard- and software out of the box. #QualityControl #ANPR #LPR #PPE #ConveyorInspection

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To unleash the full potential of AI technology, hardware perfectly optimized for use in AI systems is essential.

Through in-house production we can offer exclusive AI hardware. #nCam #nBox #ANPRCam #AI on-the-edge
#Intel Movidius Myriad X #Nvidia

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Our software offers an uncomplicated and stable environment to create an AI solution tailored to your needs.

Modular, scalable and powerful. It all begins with an idea. #nGin #nLab

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Learn how your company can benefit from using Artificial Intelligence, Deep & Machine Learning.

We advise companies of all industries and sizes. Innovate your business embrace AI’s potential. AI for all.

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Wire 2022

December 1, 2021|

We are looking forward to being part of wire 2022 - the international trade fair for wire and cable. The [...]

The combined power of conventional algorithms and state of the art deep learning technologies result in detection accuracies of more than 99%.


Wahtari nCam

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Wahtari nCam mini

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Printed Circuit Board inspection – PCB

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Image-based AI system can reliably detect complex situations.
Regardless of material, size and number of components, features are identified with highest accuracy even in difficult viewing angles or light situations.


Quality Control

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License Plate Recognition

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Personal Protective
Equipment – PPE

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Conveyor Inspection

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AI based quality inspection

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Our AI Pipeline

Wahtari as a reliable AI partner

Uncomplicated & Fast

Our optimized and highly automated full stack AI pipeline enables us to implement AI systems with minimum time expenditure tailored for your application.

Perfectly adaptable AI modules allow us to implement AI solutions for almost any industry with a minimal time-to-market.

Low development costs

Each Wahtari AI system is unique and tailored directly to your needs.

Automation and mass production enable cost-effective AI solutions for almost every industry. We set new (cost) standards for customized AI systems.

One partner for everything

An AI system only reaches the full potential of AI technology when software and hardware are perfectly matched.

With us you get it all from one hand.



Wahtari as AI Partner

We deliver ready-to-use AI systems that are customized to the conditions in your company. Our optimized pipeline enables us to realize projects for any budget.

We support you in taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the latest technological developments and setting yourself apart from your competitors.


About Wahtari

  • Experts for AI-based image recognition
  • Experience from many different industries Latest technologies

  • Hardware and software from one hand



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