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nLine GmbH specializes in the development of solutions for AI-supported optical quality inspection in the production of cables, wires, ropes, steel ropes, pipes and hoses.

Wahtari’s nLine cable inspection solutions can analyse a wide variety of product and quality characteristics in individual inspection (test bench) or Inline during ongoing production. Deviations are signaled and documented.

The systems are available in different versions and can be adapted to a wide range of requirements. The analysis & evaluation is performed on-the-edge, without connection to a cloud, for highest performance, lowest latencies and best data security.

The commissioning does not require any technical knowledge. Product features are simply trained according to the “Teach & Go” principle by using a master sample.

360° Analysis
complete detection of the cable surface
Teach & Go
few minutes to teach-in the product
features according to a master sample
High performance
up to 1500m/min cable speed
depends on configuration

Teach & Go within Minutes