Wahtari nLine on Intel Marketplace

Wahtari nLine - our 360┬░ surface inspection of tube-shaped products - is now published at the Intel solution marketplace. Visit us on Intel marketplace: #intelsolutionmarketplace #nLine #ai #qualitycontrolontheedge #deeplearning #anomalydetection

November 12, 2021|

VisionSTR 2021

­čśâ It was great to be part of #visionSTR 2021! Thanks to all the gorgeous people we had great conversations with. We are looking forward to see you next year! ­čą│­čÖî #ai #innovation #automation #robco

October 27, 2021|

Vote for Us

Find out more here: #muenchnergruenderpreis #wahtari #voteforus ´╗┐

October 14, 2021|

nLine | 360┬░ Solution for Cable Inspection

Get to know Wahtari nLine - your fully automatic 360┬░ solution for cable inspection! With all-round detection of various surface defects. nLine is the all-in-one solution for quality control in the cable industry. #360cableinspection #automaticopticalinspection #allinonesolutionsforqualitycontrol #surfaceinspection #machinevision #intelligentautomaticsystems #qualityassurance #aiontheedge #deeplearning #cnn

October 13, 2021|

Wahtari nCam | automatic quality control simply explained

Do you want to take your quality control to the next level? Meet the Wahtari nCam! Using artificial intelligence, our camera recognizes anything a human can. Be it object recognition, surface inspection, pattern detection, color and text recognition, or completeness checks the Wahtari nCam delivers peak performance even under challenging conditions. #automaticOpticalInspection #smartVision #machineVision #intelligentAutomaticSystems #qualtiyAssurance #AIOnTheEdge #deepLearning #machineVision #deepNeuralNetworks #CNN

August 19, 2021|

Interview with Wahtari on

Interview with Wahtari on Wahtari, founded in 2019 and based in Munich, is a solution provider for computer vision. Specializing in software development and IT security, they offer a modular hard and software platform around AI-based image recognition systems. The companyÔÇÖs end-to-end solutionsÔÇô e.g. the out-of-the-box AI-powered Wahtari nCam ÔÇô supports cross-industry quality assurance and automation tasks. WahtariÔÇÖs hard- and software platform makes it easy to develop your own smart vision solutions. Read more here: https:

July 15, 2021|

The differences of shutter and why you should use global shutter for industrial image processing and ITS

Whether license plate recognition, automated quality control (Quality 4.0), monitoring production processes or inspecting barcodes: Selecting the right camera sensor for industrial image processing poses challenges for machine vision users. In addition to considering various parameters such as sensor type, interfaces, resolution, frame rate, exposure time, sensor size and quantum efficiency , the exposure method (shutter) also plays an important role. Download (PDF)

July 13, 2021|


Das Wahtari-├ľkosystem bietet eine umfangreiche Hard- und Software-Plattform f├╝r KI-basierte Computer-Vision-L├Âsungen. Am Beispiel der nCam, die ebenso wie die Plattform einem offenen Architekturkonzept folgt, wird gezeigt, wie die modularen Komponenten zu einer individuellen Probleml├Âsung zusammengestellt werden k├Ânnen.

June 1, 2021|

Embedded Vison cameras

A strong partnership for reliable products. Allied Vision's Alvium series - an essential component of Wahtari nCam. Find out more here:

March 25, 2021|

Image Recognition with AI and Edge Computing

Sebastian Borchers had the opportunity to talk about "#imagerecognition on the edge with the help of #ai" in one of Intel's Conversations in the Cloud podcasts. Together with the host Jake Smith, they discuss the future of AI and how we can leverage today's existing technology, like the Intel Myriad X VPUs, effectively. Intel CitC ┬Ě Image Recognition with AI and Edge Computing ÔÇô CitC Episode 227

March 19, 2021|

Visit us at the inVISION Tech Talk!

Don't miss this opportunity. Allied Vision is our verified and field tested partner for the Wahtari nCam camera plaftorm. Enjoy the full selection of the #Alvium camera series for your applications. #embedded #embeddedsystems #camera Read more  

February 19, 2021|

Intel AI Builders┬« – Ecosystem of ISVs, Sls, OEMs, enterprise endusers

"Wahtari sprang into action upon joining the Intel AI Builders ecosystem and delivered their nLine Quality Control AI solution targeted at ensuring manufacturing quality at production speeds up to 1500m/min" We are happy to be specially featured in Intel AI Builders review of 2020. The journey with them has been fantastic and our membership is an important part of a successful 2020. Read more on Intel's homepage:

February 2, 2021|

AI Learning 365 Days a Year – O┬┤Reilly Media

Tomorrow the "Meet The Expert" Webinar by O'Reilly Media with a focus on #manufacturing takes place. You will have the chance to get a unique insight into how #ai is going to shape the future of this sector, featuring our inline quality control "nLine" solution for tube-shaped products. Register here. #meettheexpert

November 16, 2020|

Intel AI Builders – Ecosystem of ISVs, SIs, OEMs, enterprise endusers

One of our founders Sebastian Borchers just released a white paper as part of the Intel AI Builders program on our inline #qualitycontrol solution "nLine" that features self-learning AI models to detect any kind of failures in your production line. Finally, #ai has become so easy, everyone can use it. White Paper. Solutions Catalogue entry.

October 24, 2020|

AI Learning 365 Days a Year – O┬┤Reilly Media

Get to know our new "nLine" solution for 360 degree inline quality control of tube-shaped products on-the-edge, that helps you to ensure your claims to quality towards customers. You can learn more about this and other interesting AI-driven solutions for the manufacturing sector in the "Meet the Expert" event of O'Reilly Media. Register now: #ai #manufacturing #automate #edgecomputing Read more.

October 21, 2020|

Webinar Implementing AI: Vision Systems

Join one of our founders Sebastian Borchers and Aling Wu from AAEON | an ASUS assoc. co. in their Webinar on Friday, 11 am CET. It's about implementing AI in real-world vision systems and using them in a scalable manner in production. We will present both our nCam and our smart AI engine, called nGin. Run your classification, object detection and segmentation models on one powerful neural camera. Register here. #ai #machinevision #crossplatform #scalable

July 1, 2020|
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