Conveyor Inspection
AI conveyor inspection with Wahtari nCam.

Real time conveyor 
inspection with AI

Detecting wear and tear of conveyor systems with real time belt
health status information allows you to shedule maintenance downtimes
and avoid unforseen interruptions during your valuable production

Open architecture for integrated solutions

Wahtari conveyor inspection provides an open interface with many industry standards like OPC UA, ProfiNet, ProfiBus, Ethernet and more, which gives
you all degrees of freedom to create your own integrated solutions and
adopt to existing systems.

Conveyor inspection (PDF | 1 MB)

Areas of application
Artificial intelligence as a heart for automatic detect recognition on conveyor belts.


360° Analysis
Complete detection of the cable surface
Teach & Go
Few minutes to teach-in the product features according to a master sample
Vibration- insensitive
Vibrations of the floor or the cable are no problem
High performance
Up to 1500m/min cable speed
Adaptable LED lighting
Adjustable to many cable types
All data at a glance
Surface Examination
monitor wear & tear: breaks, cracks, cuts, holes, shreds
Control Lap Joint
Monitor belt joints
Multiple mounting and
monitoring options
< 15m/s belt speed
Supports different belt
Supports multiple belt

Technical Highlights

AI “On-The-Edge” Technology
Open architecture
easy to integrate into your system
Integrated lighting
Max. 500mm incl. rack
Max. 250mm for fixed installation
Industrial connectors – M12
Modular design
Industrial housing
Motorized lens
Made in Germany

Fast installation
Plug & Play
High performance
with onboard processing bassed on Intel AI hardware

Conveyor inspection in your company


How to get your conveyor belt inspection :

1) Initialization meeting: Clarify the general conditions

2) Decide on a nSpect standard product or we create your individual solution

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