Our most powerful neural Camera.
Say hello to nCam.

Innovation that fits in the palm of your hand.

With up to three integrated Intel Movidius Myriad X VPUs and an Intel X86_64 architecture-based CPU, the nCam Plus is currently one of the most compact high-end vision AI systems on the market. Packaged in an aluminum housing with its sophisticated cooling system, the camera reliably delivers results in the lower millisecond range even under the toughest conditions.

Optimized for autonomous training.

Define your gold standard, train in minutes with nLab on nBox or nCloud (Wahtari cloud training services) and run your custom quality control solution without labeling thousands of images or managing complicated datasets in no time.

Open architecture for perfect solutions.

With its open architecture, the Wahtari nCam is an ideal interface for combining your own hardware and software with components from Wahtari or external suppliers to create the perfect AI platform.

nCam Highlights

  • AI “On-the-Edge” Technology

  • Modular design

  • High performance with up to 3 Myriad- X VPUs
  • Open Architecture via nGin

  • Industrial housing

  • Integrated LEDs

  • Motorized zoom & focus Iens
  • Motorized iris & IR filter cut
  • 12 GPIO connectors (2A max)

  • Made in Germany

As a member of Intel AI builders program, we gained valuable access to technical enablement resources, which allowed us to leverage Intel’s AI hardware and software offerings such as Movidius, Xeon and OpenVINO toolkit with optimized deep learning models for inferencing on the edge with our nCam.

Wahtari on Intel AI builders

nCam Vision

  • UI for nCam

  • Live camera stream

  • Easy setup for installation

  • Zoom & focus

  • LED & IR

  • Full access to all image sensor driver values

  • Cross-Platform


All industries can benefit from AI technology.

Automotive | Pharmacy | Print & Packaging | Industrial Automation | Retail | Logistics & Transport | Traffic Management | PPE | Production Analysis | Semiconductor Electronics | Cable Production | Wood Industry | Agriculture | …

Applications for nCam

Surface Inspection | Color Control | Check Contour  | Detect Cracks | Coating Control | Shape Check | Size Check |  …

Technical Specifications

nCam Core

nCam Core

nCam Plus

nCam Plus

nCam Core

nCam Core

nCam Plus

nCam Plus

  nCam Core nCam Plus
Wahtari SmartCam Imaging    
Resolution (Megapixel) 1.3MP | 2.4MP 1.3MP | 2.4MP | 5.1MP | 12.4MP | 20.4MP
Sensor ON Semiconductor, Color |  Sony, Color Sony, Color
Max Frame Rate (at all resolution) 60 fps up to 160 fps
Output Format JPEG, MJPEG stream, VP8, H.264 JPEG, MJPEG stream, VP8, H. 264
Exposure Control Global shutter Global shutter
JPEG Quality Adjustable between 40 % – 90 % Adjustable between 40%- 90%
Wahtari SmartCam Lens    
Lens Type 6 – 22 mm / 5 – 50 mm 4-10mm / 9-36mm / 12-40mm / 12-50mm
Iris Fixed Automatic motorized, programmable
Focus & Zoom Automatic motorized, programmable Automatic motorized, programmable
Optical Filter Fixed IR cut above 850 nm
Optional: switchable IR Cut
Switchable IR cut above 850 nm
Recommended View Range 1 – 50m 0,3 – 50m
Wahtari SmartCam Electrical    
Input Voltage 12V DC 24V DC
Basic Power Consumption 18W 25W avg (max 48W)
I/O 1 x Output GPIO Pin, 1 x Ethernet 4 x 12V Output Pins (1A)
4 X 5V Output Pins (1A)
4X GPIO Pins (5V)
12V/5V Power Output (1A)
Wahtari SmartCam Mechanical    
Operating Temperature 0 °C – 55 °C (32 °F – 131 °F)* – 20°C-55°C (optional heating unit)
Dimensions (L × W × H) 147.00 mm × 87.10 mm × 61.50 mm
(5.79″ × 3.43″ × 2.42″)
355.00 mm x 130.00 mm x 210.00 mm
Weight 325g (the whole solution) 2.5 kg (3.1kg including bracket & shield)
Custom specifications on request

We provide full labeling and training services on our own data center located in Germany.