AI Learning 365 Days a Year – O´Reilly Media

Tomorrow the "Meet The Expert" Webinar by O'Reilly Media with a focus on #manufacturing takes place. You will have the chance to get a unique insight into how #ai is going to shape the future of this sector, featuring our inline quality control "nLine" solution for tube-shaped products. Register here. #meettheexpert

November 16, 2020|

Intel AI Builders – Ecosystem of ISVs, SIs, OEMs, enterprise endusers

One of our founders Sebastian Borchers just released a white paper as part of the Intel AI Builders program on our inline #qualitycontrol solution "nLine" that features self-learning AI models to detect any kind of failures in your production line. Finally, #ai has become so easy, everyone can use it. White Paper. Solutions Catalogue entry.

October 24, 2020|

AI Learning 365 Days a Year – O´Reilly Media

Get to know our new "nLine" solution for 360 degree inline quality control of tube-shaped products on-the-edge, that helps you to ensure your claims to quality towards customers. You can learn more about this and other interesting AI-driven solutions for the manufacturing sector in the "Meet the Expert" event of O'Reilly Media. Register now: #ai #manufacturing #automate #edgecomputing Read more.

October 21, 2020|

Webinar Implementing AI: Vision Systems

Join one of our founders Sebastian Borchers and Aling Wu from AAEON | an ASUS assoc. co. in their Webinar on Friday, 11 am CET. It's about implementing AI in real-world vision systems and using them in a scalable manner in production. We will present both our nCam and our smart AI engine, called nGin. Run your classification, object detection and segmentation models on one powerful neural camera. Register here. #ai #machinevision #crossplatform #scalable

July 1, 2020|

Wahtari´s holistic AI approach online at inVision News

    You can now read more about Wahtari's holistic #AI approach online at inVISION News. " Customized AI solutions in hardware/software for Vision on the Edge: Wahtari has created a comprehensive AI ecosystem of hardware and software to guide customers on the path to a powerful AI vision system. Components of the ecosystem are the intelligent deep learning camera #nCam and the software tool #nGin. [...]” Read more.

June 8, 2020|


In the current edition of inVISION you will find an article written by Wahtari! --> page 44/45 <--- Marwin Gambel reviews our experience in developing custom AI solutions for Vision on the Edge and explains why a modular approach looks  promising. #ai #edgecomputing #E2E #wahtari #nGin #nCam #deeplearning #automatisierung #industrie40 #embeddedsystems #machinevision inVision Read more.

June 2, 2020|

UP Wahtari nCam PoC

What great news! Our Wahtari nCam #smartcam is now also available in the AAEON UP Shop! Check it out: #nCam #AI #artificialintelligence #edgecomputing #edge #webshop #deeplearning #poc

April 27, 2020|

Wahtari nCam

You missed our webinar on #smartcameras and #deeplearning on the #edge with AAEON Europe? You can now find the complete recording including Q&A on Youtube: #ai #artificialintelligence #nCam #nLab #edgecomputing #techboost #computervision #webinar #wahtari Read more. Video.

April 24, 2020|

How to turn AI on-the-edge into a success story?

How to turn #AI on-the-edge into a success story? What hardware is best suited to run AI systems today and in the future? Does #edgecomputing provide the solution to my problem? … On April 22nd we will discuss the topic "Smart cameras and deep learning computer vision on-the-edge" with Owen(Yuan-Hung) Wei from AAEON. We are also looking forward to presenting our modular Wahtari #nCam. Thrilled about an exciting #webinar with hot content! When: Wednesday, April 22nd - 3PM CET Limited places available!! Do you have any questions about "AI on-the-edge" that our experts should answer? Please send your suggestions [...]

April 14, 2020|

Wahtari nCam

What great news! Our Wahtari nCam #smartcam is now also available in the AAEON UP Shop! Check it out: #nCam #AI #artificialintelligence #edgecomputing #edge #webshop #deeplearning #poc

April 10, 2020|

Smart cameras and deep learning computer vision on the edge

You can now register for our April webinar: "Smart cameras and deep learning computer vision on the edge", hosted by Owen(Yuan-Hung) Wei and Sebastian Borchers from Wahtari --> When: Wednesday, April 22nd - 3PM CET Limited places available!! By using AI platforms, you can develop a range of computer vision tasks from license plate recognition to quality control, analysis of medical images, or even facial recognition in the public security sector. #Webinar #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineVision #deeplearning #AI #Automation #Industry40 #IoT #qualitycontrol

April 6, 2020|


Thanks to our cloud-based #AI platform, our labeling team members can also work in #homeoffice. This ensures that even in times of #covid19 we are able to fulfill our "Proof of Concept" promise: in only 4-7 working days we generate a client-specific AI model, which you can test directly in your company. #AIforall #artificialintelligence #Wahtari_AI #MachineVision #proofofconcept #poc #qualitycon    

March 24, 2020|

Wahtari seeks the perfect cookie

Wahtari seeks the perfect cookie. For this demo we roasted, broke and scratched our beautiful Wahtari cookies from FLYERALARM with a heavy heart. But the result is impressive: even minimal changes are detected by our AI system and read out exactly. Only 45 ms are needed for the detection. This again shows the huge potential of artificial intelligence for quality control. #industry40 #useAI #artificialintelligence #AI #Wahtari_AI #MachineVision #qualitycontrol Hardware: Wahtari SmartCam AI Model: trained with Wahtari AI platform    

March 17, 2020|

Artificial Intelligence for ANPR

Automatic Number Plate Recognition #ANPR is the first use case we solved at Wahtari . By combining state of the art technology and multiple #AI models into one of our #SmartCams, it is possible to fully analyze up to 40 FPS. #MachineVision #Wahtari_AI #AI Hardware: Wahtari ANPR Cam AI Models: trained with Wahtari AI Platform

March 13, 2020|

Wahtari supports the TUfast Racing Team

We are proud to support the TUfast e.V. Racing Team as Gold Sponsor in this years driverless challenge with our autonomous #AI machine vision platform. #AIPlatform #ArtificialIntelligence #deeplearning #wahtari  

March 5, 2020|

AAEON Europe

  It was a pleasure for us to present our AI Quality Control Solution at two big events last week. #IoTinActionMS #EW20 #Nuremberg Many thanks to Aling Wu, Owen(Yuan-Hung) Wei, Karl Margraf, Volkmar Kaufmann, Tim Bouwens and the whole AAEON team for the great support! #artificialintelligence #industry40 #wahtari Read more here.  

March 3, 2020|

AI and Embeddes Vision Trends of embedded world 2020

  "Wahtari ( offer a complete solution, from data collection to cloud-based training on their own GPU server in Germany. The company generates customer-specific AI models and delivers them on tailor-made hardware with integrated AI accelerators. Less than 48 hours elapse from the initial inquiry to the ongoing proof of concept, and all this for a few hundred euros. Read more here.

February 28, 2020|
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