AI and Embeddes Vision Trends of embedded world 2020

  "Wahtari ( offer a complete solution, from data collection to cloud-based training on their own GPU server in Germany. The company generates customer-specific AI models and delivers them on tailor-made hardware with integrated AI accelerators. Less than 48 hours elapse from the initial inquiry to the ongoing proof of concept, and all this for a few hundred euros. Read more here.

February 28th, 2020|

#EmbeddedWorld in Nuremberg

Day 2 of #EmbeddedWorld in Nuremberg!We are pleased to show you our Quality Control solution, powered by UP Core & AI Core X, in partnership with Wahtari. Focused on AI based production quality control, checking things like: object detection, surface inspection, color recognition, text recognition and completeness. Wahtari SmartCam is a powerful x86 camera with an integrated AI accelerator for onboard processing. It is a highly versatile and modular platform allowing you to easily deploy custom applications and solving computer vision problems in no time. makes smart cameras and an AI training platform (Juno) which is able to solve [...]

February 28th, 2020|

Microsoft loT in Action event in Toulouse, France

Today, Nicolas Pramil is presenting our #AI quality control demo by Wahtari at the Microsoft IoT in Action event in Toulouse, France. The demo is focused on AI based production control: object detection, surface inspection, color recognition, text recognition and completeness checks. #IoTinActionMS #Toulouse #ArtificalIntelligence #SmartManufacturing #IndustrialAutomation #industry40 Read more.

January 22nd, 2020|

AAEON Europe

Today, Owen(Yuan-Hung) Wei and Volkmar Kaufmann are on the #Intel Solution Builder Summit in Nuremberg together with Sebastian Borchers, Roland Singer and Marwin Gambel from Wahtari. Showcasing our quality control and license plate recognition solutions being able to efficiently detect objects with 30 to 120 Fps. #artificialintelligence #objectdetection #objectrecognition #AI #Intel #AAEON #edgecomputing #machinevision #deeplearning #INTELAIBUILDERS #UPbridgeTheGap Read more.

November 26th, 2019|

UP bridge the gap

Is your machine vision camera AI enabled? #UP and #Wahtari camera makes AI-enabled machine vision easy to all industrial use cases. #IntelIoT #UpbridgeTheGap # AI #MachineVision #DeepLearning #Industrial4.0. Read more.  

November 26th, 2019|
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